Our renowned, international education branch provides hundreds of workshops in both the United States and Israel for men and women from adolescence through adulthood on fostering healthy relationships and abuse prevention. This trajectory model provides research-informed, rabbinically-endorsed education workshops to high-schools, seminaries, yeshivas, colleges, batei midrash, and to young professionals. This department also provides vital community outreach and professional training; raising awareness and providing critical training to leaders and key participants in our communities including rabbis, rebbitzins, dayanim, mental-health professionals, chosson and kallah instructors, mikvah attendants, and educators.



The Shalom Task Force Bertha Kaufman Education Awareness Program (BKEAP) teaches adolescents the art of communication through mastery of positive conflict resolution techniques. Students also learn to identify behavioral predictors of potentially healthy and unhealthy relationships.


Our material is based on traditional Jewish texts and is presented by volunteer advocates who have been specifically trained to work in our education department. The program has been reviewed and endorsed by leading rabbis.


The young women’s program is well established in high schools, seminaries, post seminary institutions and colleges in both the United States and Israel. 


For the past 7 years, our men’s division, Panim el Panim, has been educating young men in high schools, college and bais medrash programs. When presented to the younger ages, the program is geared toward enhancing participants' relationship skills in general. As it is presented to the post-high school population, these programs have been providing young men with communication and conflict resolution skills, and raising their awareness of the keys to a successful marriage. The young men’s program is presented by instructors who have been additionally trained by Torah scholars.

The workshop that Shalom Task Force ran was a tremendous experience. I found the presenter to be extremely engaging and personable. The presenter did a wonderful job at educating a room full of young men about an important topic, which doesn’t receive much attention. After attending the workshop, I feel confident and prepared to take on a world filled with all different kinds of relationships.

Learning from Shalom Task Force was truly an unbelievable experience. I had never before felt so comfortable sitting in a room full of people I did not know well and discuss such taboo topics comfortably and openly. I am so thankful that they gave me the opportunity to learn more about healthy relationships and I hope they continue spreading these messages to more individuals. 



The programs and resources that we provide to college campuses address various "hot-topic" issues related to relationships and trends that today's students face. Topics include: identifying healthy vs. toxic dating patterns, recognizing red flags, understanding the impact of societal pressures on relationships (e.g. social media, shidduch system, etc), and re-visiting the topic of intimacy.


Our programs were uniquely designed utilizing feedback from focus groups composed of college students, advocates, and mental-health professionals to discern which topics are most relevant and cutting-edge to today’s college student. This collaboration has lent itself to a student-informed choice of curriculum and topics and has received remarkable feedback from program participants.



Our high-impact community programs are designed with careful attention paid to specific cultural needs and promote greater awareness of domestic abuse and healthy relationship skills. We provide vital programs to parents on how to best identify, promote, and support their child's dating process.



Shalom Task Force has trained community leaders and professionals, including dayanim; mental health professionals and social workers; chosson and kallah instructors; educators and guidance counselors; and mikvah attendants. We have trained community members attending special programs for parents,

communities, “Health and Halacha” days, and shul-wide events. We have also trained rabbis and rebbitzens in abuse prevention & relationship skill-building. 



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