Shalom Task Force Raises Over $100K in Charidy Campaign

March 22, 2016


Shalom Task Force exceeded expectations earlier this month, raising $102,644 from 226 donors during its one-day Charidy campaign.


“We were so thrilled and gratified that all our donors stepped up to help us reach this remarkable goal,” said Dr. Alan Singer, Executive Director of STF. “We are particularly thankful to the Wolfson family, the Shalom Task Force Board of Directors and all our other supporters who matched our contributions for the Charidy campaign, so that all donations during the campaign were quadrupled.”


The excitement was palpable at Shalom Task Force headquarters during the campaign, as donations poured in, while the hours flew by and the tally of money raised kept growing.


“The synergy was alive, and the rapid influx of donations was truly encouraging,” said Aviva Hoch, one of several Shalom Task board members who volunteered during the campaign and called people to solicit donations.


Sharron Russ, Shalom Task Force’s hotline director, also volunteered and had a memorable experience with one caller.“I called a young couple who took the Shalom Workshop two years ago,” she recounted. “I spoke to the wife and then the husband. He told me how helpful the workshop had been and how he and his wife practice the tools of healthy communication daily, which was so rewarding to hear. He then agreed to give a very generous donation and later decided to increase the amount exponentially, thanks to a lucrative business deal he had recently made. In addition to gaining a substantial donation for our campaign, the experience made me realize how valuable our workshops are and what a critical resource Shalom Task Force is for the Jewish community.”


Though the campaign was scheduled to run for 24 hours, Shalom Task Force reached their goal of $100,000 in just nine and a half hours, including some bonus donations as well.


As Rabbi Meir Shapira of Lublin said: The Jewish people will also attempt ‎with boldness to accomplish the impossible, beyond the realm of the natural...and will not measure their desire by their ability, but their ability by their desire,” added Dr. Singer. “We have tremendous Hakaras Hatov to everyone who contributed to this campaign, and we thank them for enabling us to continue providing our services to the Jewish community.”  

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