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Our confidential national domestic abuse toll-free hotline is the backbone of all our efforts. It was established in 1995 to provide a listening ear and to offer a wide range of referrals to our callers.


The Hotline is staffed by over 70 volunteer advocates, many of whom are professional women who work in law, social work, education and psychology. They take part in an intensive training program in addition to an internship. To best serve our callers, we have advocates who speak Hebrew, Yiddish, and Spanish in addition to English.


Shalom Task Force has expanded the hotline to serve cities throughout the United States and around the world. ​


If you are in distress, or know someone who is, please call our Hotline today. We are ready when you are.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is a caller’s anonymity protected?

Our hotline does not have caller ID and we NEVER ask for personal information. If necessary, we may ask if the caller is comfortable revealing their general location so that we can provide a local referral.


Can my information be reported?

Since our hotline is anonymous, we do not have the information to make reports about specific callers.


What should I expect when I call?    

We are here to offer a listening ear. Our goal is to validate, empower, and give our callers the most appropriate referrals and when needed, we help create a safety plan with the caller. We do not pressure anyone to do anything they are not comfortable doing.    


What type of questions are asked?

We ask very few questions. At the beginning we ask the caller “what made you call today?” and then we allow the caller to lead the conversation. At the end of the call we encourage callers to please call us back, and let us know how they are doing. We always end the call with telling the caller "we care about him or her."


What information does a caller need to provide?

In order to increase the scope of our influence, we ask the callers how they heard about Shalom Task Force. Towards the end of the call we ask if the caller would give us a first name only (it does not have to be his or her personal name), so that the caller does not have to repeat the information if they decide to call again. If a caller is uncomfortable, they do not need to provide any information.


What resources can the hotline provide callers with?

Our hotline manual has resources for therapists, lawyers, and social workers specializing abuse throughout the country and Israel. Additionally, if the caller has a specific Halachic question, we can refer him or her to a Rabbi. Not only do we give out our own referrals, but we can also help callers find additional resources if needed.


What are the hotline’s hours?

Monday/Wednesday from 9am-8pm. Tuesday/Thursday from 9am-10pm and on Friday/Sunday from 9am-12pm.  


How many calls has the hotline answered?

Our hotline has provided support and comfort to over 20,000 callers.


How can someone volunteer for the hotline?

If you’re interested, please contact info@shalomtaskforce.org to be notified about upcoming volunteer opportunities.

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